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September 16, 2019 – Update


If you have not been to the house yet and at least 50 of you have thus far, the tailgates have been great and the food unbelievable. As much as I LOVED Shake and Princella’s cooking (ok not the country fried steak), our caterer Ms. Cindy Keith and her team are unbelievable and I could see gaining ten pounds easily with Cindy’s cooking. For those that came up and introduced themselves to us, many thanks and great to meet you as well!

This weekend is the White Cross celebration at the house, organized by Fred McCallum (Editors note: it is always good to grab guys for leadership roles in volunteer organizations right after they retire because they are still full of energy and their spouses have not had enough to completely organize their post work travel schedule yet!), which is going to be fantastic.

The next tailgate is scheduled for the Mississippi State game on 28 September. Any event will be game time dependent so watch this space for more details (also a subtle way to get you to look at the web site). As an FYI, the chapter has a website, which has photos of the chapter activities AND and alumni site button (upper right) where you can also see all of this information.

Here are photos of the house from last week before the actives woke up (it was 10am and some things never change) to show how great it looks. Thanks go to Inge Waddle (trying to hide in one of the photos) and Reid Brown (not pictured yet because he saw the camera and took off) for all their hard work!

Hope to see you at the house for Mississippi State!

In Hoc,

Chip Henagan ’79

September 9, 2019 – Update

House Corporation Annual Meeting

All Gamma Sigma Brothers in good standing are cordially invited to the upcoming annual meeting of House Corporation. The meeting is scheduled for Saturday 12 October from 9 a.m. CST until 1 p.m. CST at the Sigma Chi House located at 737 W. Magnolia Avenue in Auburn.

New officers and other business will be conducted.

September 9, 2019 – Update


A great house warming for the Tulane game and we will have another this weekend for Kent State (14 September) for Homecoming. Barbecue starts at 2 p.m., $20 per person, and let me tell you, the caterer, Ms. Cindy Keith, can cook. We hope to see you there!

Here are a couple of photos from Saturday.

September 5, 2019 – Update

Home Game Tailgate

Brothers! In honor of our long anticipated return to campus and our return home to 737 W. Magnolia Ave, House Corporation (HC because I do not want to spell it out every time) and our undergraduate chapter brothers will be sponsoring a tailgate to welcome everyone home and to show off the house! The tailgate events will be for the Tulane game (7 September), Kent State (14 September), Mississippi State (28 September) and Ole Miss (2 November) and food service will be game time dependent. For Tulane and Kent State, since the game is at 6 p.m., the food service will begin at 2 p.m.

Cost of the tailgate will be $20 per person and the menu will rotate depending on everyone’s mood at the time. Suffice to say it will rotate between barbecue and fried chicken. The menu for Tulane (7 September) will be barbecue, potato salad, potato chips (no Bear Bryant chips, only Frito Lay), pickles, chocolate chip cookies, water and iced tea.

There will be several HC members in attendance at each function but especially please seek out Inge Waddle, HC President, and thank Inge especially for all his hard work. You will be amazed when you see the house.

A question has come up on alcohol at the house and we wanted to clarify things now. Beer and wine is permitted at the house but no matter how much you love the undergraduate brothers, and you will as they are fantastic, you can not give an underage undergraduate or pledge a drink of any alcoholic type. Keeping with the subject of alcohol, regarding liquor, it needs to be very, very discreet i.e. the bottle needs to stay in the cooler and not be set out on a table for all to see. We know some of you want your brothers to see that you are pouring Pappy for the game but it needs to stay in the cooler and the cooler should preferably be over at the Tiki Hut or the party barn out of the way. It will be perfectly fine for you to move around the patio and house with a solo cup but the bottle has to stay in the cooler. Pretend like you are in school again, except for the Pappy ‘cause for sure you were not drinking Pappy, or anything approximating Pappy then, and hide the bottle. This is a university and Sigma Chi International regulation so help us keep with the program.

Further regarding parking. Unfortunately parking is restricted to undergraduate residents and actives due to lack of space. There is a lot across from the Sigma Nu house (book in advance online) that is easy and convenient. For your coolers, you can pull up front and the chapter will kindly have a couple of men to take your coolers and watch them until you return.

I hesitate to say this but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will try and answer you quickly.

Welcome home and hope to see you on Saturday!

In Hoc

Chip Henagan ’79

May 21, 2019 – Update


Our House Corporation’s 2019 Annual Meeting is now set for October 12 and you are invited to attend.

There are several other bits of news related to the Gamma Sigma House Corporation that are worth noting if you are not already aware of them:

  • The chapter is back in business with its charter restored after a couple of years of suspension and then recolonization. It was reinstalled on April 6, 2019, with the initiation of 41 new brothers.
  • Plans are in place to refurbish the chapter house during the summer in preparation for the chapter to be back in it for Fall Semester with all rooms already leased by the new brothers. By the end of May, the house will be vacated by Sigma Tau Gamma, our tenant for the past two years of reportedly good care of the property. They have leased another house.
  • Jordan Mosley, Gamma Sigma ’94, has been elected to the House Corporation Board to replace Fred Hamff, who is retiring from the board after several years of service. This was done by the board in accordance with the corporation’s Constitution.
  • The House Corporation’s 2019 Annual Meeting date, October 12, is an open date on the Auburn football schedule and so not coincident with Homecoming, which is still not known to us. (The corporation’s Constitution and Charter says its Annual Meeting should coincide with Homecoming if that is announced the previous year, but it has not been announced to our knowledge. If you search the internet today for “Auburn Homecoming 2019” you find last year’s date, 9/29/18, and 10/5/19 — when Florida hosts Auburn in Gainesville for their homecoming game).
  • Having the corporate meeting the day of a football game was a good idea when that became the rule in 1953, but that is less clear today. So, the board has scheduled its meeting this year on a day more conducive to conducting business and has voted unanimously to propose an amendment that will permanently separate this scheduling from Homecoming. All chapter alumni present will be eligible to vote on this and other issues to be addressed.
  • So, we can have our own homecoming on October 12. And, plans are being made for alumni hospitality at the chapter house on game days throughout the season.

Hope to see you at the Annual Meeting on October 12 if not before! Please spread the word!

In Hoc,

Cecil Stokes, Secretary
Gamma Sigma Alumni of Sigma Chi Inc. (The “House Corporation”)

Inge Waddle, President
Gamma Sigma Alumni of Sigma Chi Inc. (The “House Corporation”)

October 12, 2018 – Update

Sigma Chi at Auburn is hosting a semi-formal/fundraiser on Friday, October 12 and alumni are invited to attend.

We have a web page set up for tickets: Tickets are $50 per person and all proceeds will be donated to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. If you would like to make additional donation, please bring a check payable to “Sigma Chi Gamma” to the event and we will accept it at the door.

Our colony website also features this information at

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your continued support!


Ryan Barnes 
Auburn University ‘20
Information Systems Management | Raymond J. Harbert College of Business
(334) 740-7406 |

September 25, 2018 – Update

The Gamma Sigma House Corporation of Sigma Chi Fraternity – Saturday, October 6

The Gamma Sigma House Corporation of Sigma Chi Fraternity will hold its Annual Meeting on Saturday October 6, 2018, at the Vestavia Country Club in Birmingham, Al from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

The address is 400 Beaumont Drive, Birmingham, Al 35266.

The meeting is open to all Gamma Sigma of Sigma Chi Alumni and an agenda will be provided at the meeting.

September 24, 2018 – Update

Sigma Chi Foundation at Auburn University, Inc. – Sunday, October 14

The Sigma Chi Foundation at Auburn University, Inc. will hold its annual meeting on Sunday, October 14, at 10:00 a.m. The meeting will be held in the undergraduate colony’s current chapter room, which is located in the old Tiger Rags building:  138 S. Gay Street, Auburn, Alabama.

The meeting is open to all Gamma Sigma of Sigma Chi alumni.  Agenda will be circulated in advance of meeting, to include election of additional alumni to the voting membership and elections to Board of Directors positions.

Please share notice of this meeting with all interested alumni.

Current Foundation Members are:

Alan Shackelford, President*
David Bell, Vice President*
Buddy Metcalf, Treasurer*
John Smyth, Secretary*
Matt French
Bob Benz
Fred McCallum
Scott Vowell
Stephen Searcy
Tom Kime
Jim Thompson*
Mike Williams

*denotes Board membership


August 27, 2018 – Update


The Sigma Chi Colony at Auburn is riding high after finishing their first year on campus ranked #4 in overall grades among all of Auburn’s fraternities. This weekend, we had a great Significant Sig reception in Auburn in honor of Jim Thompson ’67, and we also presented four undergraduates with $1,000 scholarships to reward them for their excellence in the classroom and in their extra-curricular activities on Auburn’s campus.

The colony is well on its way to winning back the Gamma Sigma Charter this spring, but we need a strong fall rush to get there.

Formal rush is taking place in Auburn this week.  The colony has asked for there to be as much alumni presence as possible when rush starts Tuesday (tomorrow) night. The entire Auburn-based alumni advisory team will be there and Fred McCallum and I plan to drive down from Birmingham to help.

I apologize for the short notice, but if your Tuesday night is free and you can join us in Auburn, please do so:

Date:  Tuesday, August 28

Time:  6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Place:  138 South Gay Street (the old Tiger Rags store) – which is serving as our temporary chapter room this year.  Parking available behind the building or across the street at Methodist church.

Dress:  The guys will be in coat and tie, but sport coat and open collar shirt is fine for the alumni.

Thanks for your support.

In Hoc and War Eagle!

Fred McCallum

June 21, 2018 – Update

Spring 2018 grade reports were provided and discussed and there is continued GREAT news. Sigma Chi Gamma Colony members continue to represent the chapter extremely well with GPA information is as follows:

Sigma Chi (Gamma Colony) – 3.22

All Male Average – 2.96

All IFC Average – 3.1

All Undergraduate Average – 3.12

IFC Top 5:

1-Alpha Epsilon Pi

2-Phi Gamma Delta


4-Sigma Chi (Gamma Colony)

5-Phi Sigma Kappa

19 Fraternities are above a 3.0 and 24 are above the all male 2.96 average.

May 25, 2018 – Update

Auburn_Phase I Report Accepted

Coleman Kitchens, Consul
Sigma Chi Gamma
Auburn University

Dear Coleman and the members of Sigma Chi Gamma:

I am pleased to report that the New Chapter Development Committee (NCDC) has accepted your Phase I Report. Overall, the NCDC was impressed with the quality of your report and the progress that your group has made throughout the Phase I process.

Sigma Chi Gamma may now consider itself in Phase II of the petitioning process. Please consult the Sigma Chi Fraternity Expansion Policies and Petitioning Procedures to ensure that you aware of the Phase II requirements.

If you have any questions about your Phase II status, please feel free to contact me anytime. On behalf of the General Fraternity, please accept my congratulations on your success!

Desmond Robinson
Director of Expansion
(847) 425-4423

March 15, 2018 – Update

Gamma Sigma Alumni
Spring Semester 2018
Chapter Advisor Update

Greetings Brothers,

I hope this finds you all doing well and ready to move ahead to some much warmer weather!  Thanks for your continued support and interest in helping the Sigma Chi Gamma Colony move forward toward re-installation and Charter in the Spring of 2019. Likewise, many thanks to the members of the House Corporation and Foundation committees for your input, support and guidance.

Hard to imagine that it is already Spring Break for AU and Colony members have spread hither and yon to enjoy some time away. We had a great Spring recruitment and picked up four new members, including two Legacy’s, to bring our total membership to 21.  Recruitment Chairman Morgan Brown did an exceptional job leading the charge of identifying and recruiting the four new members as well as several who will be prime candidates for Summer recruitment activities and membership in the Fall of 2018. While we aren’t focusing on a “number”, we feel that our total membership for Fall will be in the 40-45 range based on interest and inquiries to date.  Please let me/us know if you have relatives, close friends or acquaintances who will be attending Auburn in the Fall so that we can go ahead and establish contact with them now. This is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do to aid our efforts!!! We’ve already received Legacy inquiries from North Carolina to Texas and all points in between expressing interest in pledging in the Fall.

I know you will be proud of the academic efforts of the Colony members from the Fall 2017 grade reports. Our overall standings were as follows:

Colony Overall GPA Fall 2017 – 3.1194
Colony Avg Cumulative GPA – 3.1582
AU IFC Chapter Avg GPA Fall 2017 – 3.074
AU IFC Chapter Avg Cumulative GPA – 3.021

Sigma Chi Gamma finished 6th overall in the Fall 2017 grading period. The commitment to academic excellence of our four new members, combined overall GPA of 3.44, will only serve to help our academic standing for the 2017-2018 school term. We will continue to make high academic performance a focal point of our recruitment efforts.

Colony officers attended and received high praise from Grand Praetor Ken Kvalheim during their first Province Conference back in February. Chapter members of the Alabama/Gulf Coast and Southern Provinces convened in Biloxi, MS to hear from members of Sigma Chi headquarters, the Huntsman Cancer Foundation and Sigma Chi Lifeline on a variety of topics. The conclusion of the conference was highlighted by The White Rose Ceremony at the gravesite of Founder James Parks Caldwell. The next big event on the horizon for the Colony will be to attend the Balfour Leadership Training Workshop at Bowling Green University, Bowling Green, OH, August 1-4, 2018.

Our big news coming out of Spring Break will be that we have secured a permanent location to call “home” until we can return to the Chapter House in May of 2019. Meetings, Colony functions, all member/parent/alumni pre-game tailgating/gathering for the 2019 football season will be in the new location at 138 S Gay St. This is the old Tiger Rags retail location across from the Auburn United Methodist Church annex/parking lot and next door to Burger King.

I’ll conclude by again asking for your assistance in our recruiting efforts. Please feel free to contact me direct at 334.821.2049 or if you have information on a potential recruit or any questions. Of course, any and all of you are welcome to visit or join us at any time.  Please come let these soon to be new Sigma Chi’s know who you are.

Profile information on our four new Colony members is included below.

Guard well the Honor.

In Hoc,

Brian Snyder
Chapter Advisor

March 2, 2018 – Update

The Colony has chosen to participate in Sigma Chi’s national charity fundraiser, benefiting the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. Founded in 1995 by Significant Sig John Huntsman Sr., the Foundation was created to build and support the Huntsman Cancer Institute. One hundred percent of all donations to the Foundation benefit HCI, thanks to the generous support of Jon and Karen Huntsman.

The Colony is selling Sigma Chi branded shirts to raise money for the Huntsman Foundation, and they are competing against all chapters across the country for most money raised. $5 of every shirt sold goes towards this fundraising effort and the competition ends this Sunday, March 4. Apologies for the late notice.

If you would like to help support the Colony in its efforts and support a worthy cause, click on this link to purchase a shirt.

Remember $5 of every shirt purchased goes to support this very worthy cause.

In Hoc

February 7, 2018 – Update


Just some information on how the Colony is doing academically.

After only our first semester in existence, Sigma Chi is ranked sixth vs. all fraternities! The Fall Semester GPA was a 3.1 vs AU IFC avg. of 3.0 and the cumulative GPA is 3.1 vs 3.0 for the AU IFC. The chapter is in rush now and if the bids are accepted, the new pledges will raise the cumulative GPA to 3.4.

Great news and well done by the Colony!

November 1, 2017 – Update

Sigma Chi Gamma
Auburn University

Gamma Sigma Alumni
Sigma Chi Fraternity
Gamma Sigma Chapter
Auburn University


The process of returning the Gamma Sigma Chapter to Auburn University has begun!  It is my privilege to have been asked to serve as Chapter Advisor and I look forward to meeting and working with each of you as we chart the course to re-Chartering and Initiation in the Spring of 2019.

We have an outstanding initial pledge class.  Our standards were high and the talents and leadership skills of these 17 young men will prove valuable to our efforts.  The document accompanying this letter is a roster providing highlighted information about each pledge.  After reviewing their individual accomplishments, interests and academic achievement, I am certain you will agree.  Colony officers have been elected and you will note each individual’s office in their profile information.  I hope many of you will be able to meet and spend time with each pledge at our tailgate tent prior to one of the three remaining AU home football games or at some point soon when you are able to visit us in Auburn.

The formation of this pledge class required a great deal of work and consideration by our alumni and I want to personally thank those of you able to attend our special recruitment function at the Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center in late August. Your efforts left a valuable impression on several candidates and quite honestly led to their decision to became pledges.  We would not be where we are today without the hard work of Gamma Sigma alums: John Smyth, Buddy Metcalf, David Hennessey, Inge Waddle and our Grand Praetor Ken Kvalheim.  Brothers, thank you!

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce our Chapter Advisory Team.  This team is comprised of local Sigma Chi alumni who are giving of their time to mentor, coach, serve as a Big Brother and help my efforts as Chapter Advisor.  Our Advisory Team members and their individual area of focus are as follows:

Brian Snyder, Troy, Chapter Advisor, Consul/Magister
David Hennessey, Auburn, Faculty Advisor, Annotator, IFC
Kelly Nelson, Murray State, Pro Consul
John Gittings, Auburn, Quaestor
Jordan Moseley, Auburn, Recruitment, Philanthropy
Taylor Buckner, Auburn, Risk Management
Ryan Daugherty, Troy, House Manager, Chaplain
Dan Kuykendall, Auburn, Social Chairman
Chip Kuykendall, Auburn, Historian, Chapter Editor
Jon Jager, Auburn, Tribune

By the time you receive this communication, this pledge class will have completed 7 of the 8 weeks of Sigma Chi’s new Preparation for Brotherhood program.  This is a very structured, learning program about Sigma Chi, our history, ideals and values.  It is much different than what we all went through pledges.  However, not to worry, all the material included in The Norman Shield as well as the experiential exercises we so fondly remember are still a vital part of the pledge program.  We will complete the final part of the formal program the week leading up to Initiation and the re-Chartering of Gamma Sigma in the Spring of 2019.  Details and additional information will be shared as we work with Sigma Chi International to finalize a specific date.

As you might expect, re-Chartering a Chapter is no small task and we can use your help, particularly in the area of recruitment.  When you know of a family member, family friend, son of a co-worker, etc. who is planning to attend Auburn University, please get us his contact information so that we can reach out to him as well as sharing your Sigma Chi experience with him.  Our goal is to have a new pledge class for the Spring of 2018, Fall of 2018 and Spring of 2019.  I can’t stress the importance of your assistance here enough.  Likewise, if you are interested in assisting one of the Advisory Team members, serving as an Alumni Big Brother or otherwise, please let me know.

Again, I am excited and fortunate to be a part of bringing the Gamma Sigma Chapter, your Chapter, back to Auburn University.

In Hoc,

Brian Snyder
(334) 821-2049

Click Here to view the Sigma Chi Gamma 2017 Roster

October 26, 2017 – Update

Sigma Chi Foundation at Auburn University, Inc.

Minutes for October 15, 2016 Annual Meeting

In the absence of President Bob Benz due to a medical issue, the meeting was called to order by Secretary John Smyth.

Current voting Membership of Foundation:

(*) signifies presence at meeting

Bob Benz, President

Alan Shackelford, Vice President

Buddy Metcalf, Treasurer*

John Smyth, Secretary*

Cecil Stokes*

Matt French

David Bell

Rich Campbell*

Inge Waddle*

Stephen Searcy

Tom Kime

Bill Stone*

Jim Thompson*

Mike Williams

  1. Financial Report

John Smyth and Buddy Metcalf delivered a financial report.

Current Assets of the Foundation are $198,696.37, consisting of $190,820.20 in invested securities and $7,826.00 in cash / money market fund.

It was noted that the Foundation’s Board approved a $45,000 grant to the Gamma Sigma House Corporation on 8/26/2016.  The House Corporation paid off the full balance of its loan from the Foundation on 8/31/2016 ($38,286.65).

It was emphasized by Buddy Metcalf that the Foundation’s grant procedures needed to make sure that we are obtaining adequate evidence to support the educational purpose of any grant that is made from the Foundation to the House Corporation.  Our  letter-ruling from the Internal Revenue Service allows for us to grant up to 25% of the House Corporation’s operational expenses for running the Sigma Chi Fraternity House at Auburn University.  The $45,000 grant made this year was a “catch-up” grant for several years of operational expenses that the House Corporation had not previously requested.

  1. Status of fundraising efforts

It was reported that an anonymous donor was willing to match contributions up to $100,000 for contributions received by November 30, 2016.  $5,000 matched at 50%, $10,000 and above matched at 100%.

$5,600 received to date (3 contributions), with several others promised in the coming weeks, at least two of which will be $10,000 contributions.

  1. Voting Membership Resignations

There were no resignations of voting members of the Foundation.

  1. Election of New Voting Members

** a motion was made, seconded, and passed with no dissenting votes to elect Scott Vowell and Fred McCallum as voting members of the Foundation.

  1. Election of Board of Directors

It was noted that Bob Benz wishes to resign from his position as President of the Foundation and from any position on the Board of Directors.  He is willing to continue as a voting member of the Foundation and willing to serve on the Foundation’s grant and investment committees.

** a motion was made, seconded and passed without dissent to elect the following members to serve on the five-person Board of Directors:  Alan Shackelford, David Bell, Buddy Metcalf, Jim Thompson, John Smyth.

** a motion was made to allow the Board to go into executive session to elect its officers.

Board Session

** a motion was made, seconded, and passed without dissent to elect the following officers of the Foundation:

Alan Shackelford, President

David Bell, Vice President

Buddy Metcalf, Treasurer

John Smyth, Secretary

** the executive session of the board was adjourned and the annual meeting was resumed.

  1. Adjournment

There being no further business to conduct, the annual meeting was adjourned

Respectfully submitted this 16th day of October, 2016

/s/ John A. Smyth III, Secretary

October 18, 2017 – Update

Gamma Sigma Alumni of Sigma Chi

House Corporation Annual Meeting

14 October 2017

The meeting convened at 12:30 p.m. in the upstairs meeting hall at 129 College St. in Auburn, AL, with President Inge Waddle presiding.

HC Attendees: Inge Waddle, Reid Brown, Stephen Davis, Fred Hamff, Charles Henagan, Ben Palmer, Bob Pou, Cecil Stokes, and Bill Stone (by phone).  Unable to attend: David Bell and Rich Campbell

Alums attending: Colony Advisor Brian Snyder, Foundation Secretary John Smyth,  Bob Benz, Sam Belcher and John Gittings.

Minutes of Previous Meeting  – approved by acclamation

Financial Report

Ben provided a financial report in the form of a spreadsheet of actual and projected revenues and expenditures by quarter from September 2016 through June of 2019. Ben reported that both notes (Auburn University and the “Foundation” notes) were paid off using grants from the Foundation. He indicated that we have a current cash balance of $146,780 and a projected balance of $196,275 by June of 2019 before paying for any renovations.

The “Shake Fund”, established to provide retirement income for the late James “Shake” Kellum has now been absorbed into house corporation assets. Bob Benz provided background on this (how Mike Williams had maintained this on behalf of the active chapter, how earnings had gone to Shake, how Bob had taken it over and then handed it off, how chapter debt to the house corporation had been written-off, etc.). There was a consensus that absorption of the fund is suitable.

Recent activities have included sponsorship of rush events and the Tailgate Tent.

Chapter Return

John discussed the recolonization effort. He first introduced Chapter Advisor Brian Snyder (a 1985 alumnus of Eta Phi Chapter at Troy University). He said two representatives (Director of Expansion Desmond Robinson and a Utah State alum) of “headquarters” were on-site for rush and that nothing could start until they arrived. This late start was a cause of great concern but many alumni pitched in and the results were pleasantly surprising. Eighteen outstanding young men were pledged. These included three legacies. Half of the pledges are incoming freshmen and half are currently sophomores and juniors. All are good students with GPAS’s averaging 3.6 for both incoming and established students. John specifically mentioned the two juniors, newly elected colony Consul Cole Kitchings as an outstanding leader (a nephew of Brother Chandler and the son of a Fiji who was an Auburn cheerleader) and Morgan Brown, Rush Chairman. One pledge, Sam LaPlatney, has depledged and this is attributed to fact that his best friend did not qualify because of grades.

John thanked the house corporation for sponsoring the tailgate tent. Individuals took ownership of need for food at the tent. John Smyth and fellow ’90s-era alumni, Faculty Advisor David Hennessey (Gamma Sigma ’95), and the father of pledge Ryan Barnes provided food for the early games. Several brought adult beverages for those of legal drinking age. He said that lots of alumni stopped by and expressed support, prompting consideration of this as a priority activity in 2018. Reid Brown and Inge pledged $200 each for food at coming games and several promised to show up with adult beverages.

Colony Logistics

There was some discussion of colony finances by John Gittings and Fred Hamff. John talked about cost centers for pledge bills and noted that most receipts are checks written by parents. He noted that the kids are planning events that may have to be paid for out of their own pockets. There are social events in the original colony budget, mostly in the winter and include a black-tie event . Fred noted that the colony now has a checking account and reaffirmed that HC is the landlord.

Brian said that the Colony will meet Sunday afternoon at 5:30 and will address upcoming event plans including the tent. They will let us know of plans (and presumably how we can help).

The room where we met and the colony is meeting was discussed. In answer to a question John said the building belongs to his step-mother, that prior tenants have not had leases extended because of a plan to demolish the building (as early as January but maybe later) to make way for new construction, and that its use is now being donated to Sigma Chi. Reid made a motion that the house corporation undertake a search for a replacement meeting place for the colony. The motion was not seconded but Fred volunteered to take on the search.

Pledge Program

Brian described the new pledge training program as a well structured eight- week program that normally leads to immediate initiation, which our pledges will unfortunately not have. There was discussion of how to maintain their enthusiasm, how some “local initiation” might be performed, how some distinctive pin-guard might be added to their pledge pins to designate completion of the pledge program, etc. Brian said that he did not fear lack of recognition, that they will be appropriately respected as full members of the colony and the Auburn Greek community (the colony already has a seat on IFC Presidents Council). Other things can be developed if needed (presumably if the colony members feel the need). Fred said that Brian will be assisted by several local alumni advisors (list to be provided).

Foundation and Capital Campaign

John Smyth attended and is role is the Secretary of the “Foundation” (the Sigma Chi Foundation at Auburn University, Inc.). The recent “phase one capital campaign” raised about $176,000 and the Foundation has assets of about $390,000. The HC is now eligible for grants of about $165,000. Bob Benz discussed the history of the Foundation and its accomplishments.

Chapter House Status

Inge reported on activities related to the chapter house. As authorized at the last annual meeting the lease to Sigma Tau Gamma was renewed through May of 2019. Negotiation of that extension added inclusion of kitchen use, which increased the revenues to the corporation but required a modest investment in preparation. Cleaning of the kitchen cost us $2,500 and additional money was invested in a new oven and a new freezer, both of which were a joint investment by tenant and landlord, with disposition to be on a buy/sell at market value in May of 2019. Sigma Tau Gamma has engaged a caterer who has one woman cooking meals in the kitchen. Current revenue for the corporation is $80,000 per year plus $1,250 per room per semester for any room added to the basic 15 (The total possible is 22.).

Bob Pou and Inge met with RMS (Risk Management) organization representative several weeks ago to look at Fire and Life Safety issues at the house. We had made improvements based on their previous inspection. Their report was expected by now, but the people were diverted to hurricane damage assessments elsewhere. We may need to spend money to remedy any problems they identify.

Chapter House Plans

Inge reported that he has continued discussing possible house modifications with Atlanta architect Joe Raburn (Gamma Sigma ’69). The primary focus is on improving dorm-wing bathrooms. An idea to extend the dorm wing to provide space for new bathrooms on both levels has been discouraged by preliminary cost estimates. They have looked at general design approaches and what others are doing and or recommending. Farmhouse has returned to the approach of having two men to the room, but others say that having a private room is much more important to kids than how many men the bathrooms/showers serve. The idea of building a separate chapter room on the western side of the lot has appeal, but others asked whether the target size of the chapter warranted more space for chapter meetings and initiations. Brian quoted targets of 100 members. Cecil noted that there is room on the west side of the lot for another dorm wing with good revenue potential for future chapter financial health but, Brian said that the trend is away from actives wanting to live in chapter houses.


Inge noted that we are obligated to have annual elections, and that everyone has agreed to stay on for another term, that Cecil suggested that someone else get ready take over the Secretary position after this year and that Reid Brown had agreed to do so. Reid made a motion that all officers and other members of the board be re-elected for the next year. The motion was seconded and it passed unanimously. The vote of some did carry the stipulation that those absent agreed to participate or would be replaced. Sam Belcher presented a beautiful metal badge replica that he wants to have a suitable home, and it was a consensus that a presentation to the chapter upon its re-chartering would be most appropriate.

Action Items

Inge reviewed action items agreed to:

  • The committee of Inge, Bob Pou, Reid, and Bill Stone will convene to 
further develop a plan for house renovation (presumably between May and 
September of 2019).
  • Fred will search for an alternate meeting venue for the colony.
  • Brian will let us know of colony plans for game-day events for the 
remainder of the football season.
  • Sam Belcher will present a metal badge replica to the colony when it 
becomes Gamma Sigma Chapter of Sigma Chi. 
The meeting adjourned at 2:10 p.m. and attendees rushed to TVs for the disappointing Auburn-LSU football game and a great celebration in the evening.
  • Recorded by Cecil G. Stokes Jr., Secretary
  • Minutes of 10/14/17 HC Meeting

October 17, 2017 – Update

Gamma Begins its Return!

For those that do not know, Rush at Auburn is very different than when most of us were in school. For this generation, pledging takes place BEFORE the first day on campus for the established fraternities, so by the time school starts, Rush is over. For a returning fraternity such as ours, we were prohibited from speaking to rushees until formal rush week, so we had no idea of what we would find. Well we found success! With a significant amount of effort from a large number of alumni brothers, we have pledged 18 outstanding young men, with an average gpa of 3.6 by the way, for this coming year. More will come later about the individual men we have pledged but some are upper classmen, most are incoming freshmen and several are legacies. All in all an outstanding group.

The colony is currently meeting in a building next to J&M and they have their meetings on Sunday nights if you are in the area. After a spring and fall rush, the anticipated timeline is for all these young men to be initiated into Sigma Chi early 2019, date TBD. As for the chapter house, the current tenant of the house will be there until May of 2019 and after a summer of renovations (more to come on that later) it is anticipated that the new chapter will move back into the house Fall of 2019.

Further good news, our new Chapter Advisor, Brian Snider – Troy State ’82 has come on board with a bang and as well, we have appointed David Hennessy – Auburn ’95 as faculty advisor. Brian runs the Alfa insurance business in Auburn and David is with the College of Engineering

Tail Gating at Auburn

If you have come to “The Plains” hopefully you have had a chance to come by the tent (number 155 in the tent city). As many of you know, we have rented a tailgate tent just outside Jordan Hare Stadium for the Sigma Chi colony for all home football games.  We are looking for volunteers to help “host” certain weekends as we get into the meat of the  season.  Fred McCallum has already put together a group of late 1970s Sigs to host the Nov. 18 game v. Louisiana Monroe, and a group of early 1990s Sigs handled Ole Miss weekend.  If you have a group interested in taking responsibility for the Georgia or Alabama games, please contact John Smyth at

Again please note, the house at 737 W. Magnolia Ave is still rented to another group. They have exclusive use of the facilities so please, still no parking or visiting the house. This ordeal is almost over and we have been very fortunate to have a fantastic tenant, so only a bit more time to go.  We can indeed see light in the distance and we will have our house back very soon.

House Corporation Meeting Minutes – October 2016

House Corporation Annual Meeting
Gamma Sigma Alumni of Sigma Chi Annual
15 October 2016

HC Members in Attendance: Inge Waddle, Reid Brown, Rich Campbell, Steve Davis, Fred Hamff, Ben Palmer, Bob Pou, Cecil Stokes, Bill Stone
Brothers in Attendance: Sonny Reisha, John Smyth, Jim Thompson
The meeting convened at 9:00 a.m. in the Wellington Room of the Vestavia Country Club in Birmingham with President Inge Waddle presiding.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Cecil presented the Minutes of the 10/17/15 meeting as previously distributed with a motion to approve. The motion was approved unanimously.

Financial Report

Ben provided a financial report in the form of a spreadsheet of actual and projected revenues and expenditures by quarter from September 2015 through June of 2018.
Ben said that he is missing the financial records of 1997 through 2007, and these could support grants. He said that Matt French does not have these. There was a general discussion of how alumni can give to either the foundation (Sigma Chi Foundation at Auburn, a 501-c-3) or the house corporation (not a 501-c-3), and that there may be an opportunity to sponsor advisors (like the Assistant Executive Secretaries — AESs — of earlier colonies).

Plans for Chapter Return

Inge spoke of his conversation with Ken Kvalheim (SCI Grand Praetor) at the Atlanta Significant Sig event about a St. Louis meeting, plans for definite rebuilding during the Fall of 2017, a Sigma Chi International document that specifies the steps for a chapter’s return, a planned conference call with Auburn University to coordinate activities, a training session during the Spring of 2017 for the group to bring back Gamma Sigma, rush in 2017 involving local alumni and one or two undergraduates from elsewhere in the province, and intentions for having a plan in early 2017.

There was a general discussion of the process as we understand it, some anguish about what we do not know about it, and a consensus that we wait for guidance but push Ken for a plan or a set of requirements. Reid expressed an urgent need for a plan to work toward Fall of 2017.

Foundation and Capital Campaign

John noted that the goal of the Foundation is the education of Sigma Chi brothers at Auburn University. He mentioned Workshop expenses as an allowable use of foundation funds and grants to the house corporation, but the latter could not be a primary focus of the foundation.
John discussed the offer of an anonymous donor to match certain donations to the foundation up to a total of $100,000. Donations of $5,000 or more would be matched at 50% and those of $10,000 or more would be matched at 100%, up to the $100,000 maximum. He said that early feedback was good, with one $5,000 donation already received and a $10,000 donation expected. There had also been $100 and $500 contributions.

John reported foundation assets of $198,000 in the Merrill Lynch account plus $5,600 to be deposited. This is a dividend producing fund.

John noted that the foundation is a “public charity” to which donations can be made and given the educational focus of the charity, checks should not be written “for renovating house.”

Stephen volunteered to develop a “presentation” for communicating with alums as to our efforts and activities as part of the solicitation process. Rich agreed to review the letter to be sure it is oriented toward education and not any non approved purpose.

Chapter House Plans

Inge reviewed his “House Corp. Discussion Summary” He noted that the “bridge funds” in the budget are not now required. He is discussing possible house modifications with Atlanta architect Joe Raburn (Gamma Sigma ’69 or ’70) as noted in handout. Inge has revised the projected budget.

Inge reported that the Sigma Tau Gamma group (current tenant of 737 W. Magnolia) is taking better care of the house than our chapter ever had. Everyone who has driven by the house was favorably impressed with the way it appears to be used and maintained. There was a brief discussion of the expectation that Gamma Sigma could not be back in the house before Fall of 2019. Reid made a motion that we extend the Sigma Tau Gamma lease until May 31, 2019 with terms to be negotiated by Inge. Fred and Steve seconded the motion and it was approved by unanimous vote. Bill suggested that we schedule a meeting in Auburn in February and visit the chapter house.


Inge noted that we are obligated to have annual elections, and that everyone has agreed to stay on for another term. John made a motion that all officers and other members of the board be re-elected for the next year. The motion was seconded and it passed unanimously.

New Elected HC Officers
Inge Waddle – President
Stephen Davis – Vice President
Ben Palmer – Treasurer
Cecil Stokes – Secretary

At Large Memers of HC
Charles Henagan
Reid Brown
Rich Campell
David Bell
Bill Stone
Fred Hamff
Bob Pou

Action Items

Inge reviewed action items agreed to:
•John Smyth to talk with Bob Benz about solicitation letter and deadline extension
•Stephen Davis to work on “talking points” 
for alumni communication
•A meeting will be scheduled when we have some guidelines
•A committee will convene to develop a house renovation plan and it will include: Inge, Bob 
Pou, Reid Brown, and Bill Stone.

The Sigma Chi Foundation (the Foundation) at Auburn University

The Foundation was formed in the early 1990’s as a 501(c)(3) entity, exempt from Federal Income Tax and to which charitable donations for educational purposes can be made. Grants to the Gamma Sigma House Corporation from the foundation are authorized up to 25% of expenditures made for educational purposes, usually consisting of house operating expenses and construction/renovation costs. Scholarships to deserving undergraduates are also authorized as is payment of expenses related to attending Sigma Chi International functions. Five of the colony representatives will be attending the Sigma Chi workshop during the summer of 2018.

In regards to scholarships, the Scholarship committee is in discussion now regarding appropriate scholarships to award to colony members in the coming Spring based on Fall academic performance and  subject to Sigma Chi approval. The idea is to return to past practice and award $1000 scholarships but no decision has been made.

Since inception, The Foundation has made grants to HC of nearly $287,000 while scholarship grands have exceeded $84,000. The Foundation has also made loans to the HC which have since been repaid. As an fyi, the HC/Chapter is currently debt free for the first time in recent memory. While not in a robust financial position, HC is in a good place at the moment.

The Foundation has total assets in excess of $391,000, consisting of marketable securities of approximately $378,000 and cash of $13,000. The invested portfolio is invested very conservatively and produces approximately $14,000 in dividend income per year.

The First Phase fund raising campaign that took place at the end of 2016 raised a total of $176,000. The matching donor contributed $72,500 to match the $103,000 contributed by 25 brothers. A Phase 2 fund raising campaign is being considered now but it will be be determined by the HC plans under consideration and the condition of the house when HC finally takes it back over.

The Officers of The Foundation are:

President –  Alan Shackelford
VP – David Bell
Treasurer – Buddy Metcalf
Secretary – John Smyth

September 8, 2017 – Update


The annual meeting of Gamma Sigma House Corporation will be held on Saturday 14 October 2017 in Auburn and you are cordially invited to attend. The time is TBD depending on the Auburn vs LSU game time so another announcement will come out once game time is determined. The address for the meeting is:

129 South College St, Suite #5. (Suite # 5 is on the second floor of the building adjacent to Johnston & Malone Bookstore).

Meeting Agenda

– Welcome & Introductions: Inge Waddle

– Approval of 2016 Minutes: Cecil Stokes

– Financial Report: Ben Palmer

– Update on Recolonization and Rush: John Smyth

– Update on House: Inge Waddle
– Lease Renewal
– Kitchen lease
– House expenses & Income
– Renovation plans

– Old Business

– New Business

– Election of Officers

– Next Steps: TBD

Any further questions, please contact House Corporation President Inge Waddle – We hope to see you there!

August 24, 2017 – Update


Just a quick update to share some more exciting news regarding the return of Sigma Chi to Auburn. (Lots of information below, so please read in full).

Chapter Advisor

Brian Snyder has been appointed as as our new Chapter Advisor to replace the irreplaceable Tyler Peterson (many thanks Tyler for all your efforts!). Brian is a 1985 graduate of Troy University, Eta Phi Chapter, and runs a successful Alfa insurance agency in Auburn. He is very active in the Auburn community, especially with the Chamber of Commerce and the Kiwanis club, and he serves as the stadium announcer for Auburn High School football and baseball. He is married to Karen Snyder, an elementary school principal in the Auburn City Schools. Brian is enthusiastic about Sigma Chi and is going to be a great chapter advisor!

Faculty Advisor     

One thing Gamma Sigma needed for some time was a faculty advisor and our very own Auburn Sigma Chi David Hennessey ’95, has agreed to serve in this capacity. David is the Director of Administration, Business and Finance, in Auburn University’s Samuel Ginn College of Engineering. David will be a huge help with university relations.

Rush Night – Tuesday, August 29 – AU Hotel and Conference Center

I have the following alumni who have committed to come help with our rush night at AU Conference Center on August 29. If anyone else is available and interested in participating, please contact John Smyth at The following brothers have committed to participate.

J.J. Arminio

David Bell

Tommy Bryan

Taylor Buckner

Rich Campbell

Chis Chapman

Stephen Davis

David Hennessey

Chip Kuykendall

Dan Kuykendall

Fred McCallum

Buddy Metcalf

Jordan Mosely

Morgan Silvers

Alan Shackelford

Brian Snyder

John Smyth

Bill Stone

Jim Thomas

Jim Thompson

Inge Waddle

Sigma Chi Tailgate Tent – Saturday, Sept. 2 …and the rest of the season

As many of you know, we have rented a tailgate tent just outside Jordan Hare Stadium for the Sigma Chi colony for all home football games. Our tent location is #155. We are looking for volunteers to help “host” certain weekends as we get into the meat of the  season. Fred McCallum has already put together a group of late 1970s Sigs to host the November 18 game v. Louisiana Monroe, and I have a group of early 1990s Sigs lined up for Ole Miss weekend, October 7. If you have a group interested in taking responsibility for one of the other home games, please contact John Smyth at

However, for the first game of the season, we need for as many of you as possible to commit to come by the tent before the game. It is possible that we will still be finishing out the initial pledge class and may have some “rushees” on hand, but we also expect to have many committed pledges by then and we will also have the headquarters staff in town to meet and entertain. The kick-off against Georgia Southern on September 2 has been set for 6:30 p.m., so the tailgate pre-game should start up around 4:00p.m.  Please let me know if you can join us on September 2.

Please note as well, the house at 737 W. Magnolia Ave is still rented to another group. They have exclusive use of the facilities so therefore please, still no parking or visiting the house until this ordeal is over. It is coming to a close, we can indeed see light in the distance, and we hope to have our house back in the next year or so.

Telephone Conference for Questions and Rush Game Plan

For those who are going to participate in rush next week, it would be great if you could join us for a call with Sigma Chi’s Director of Expansion, Desmond Robinson, this Thursday afternoon, August 24, at 3:00 Central. Please use this call in number:

Dial in: 855-624-3476

Passcode: 205-254-1029

Congratulations Significant Sigs

Congratulations to Tom Bell ’82 and Inge Waddle ’66 for being awarded Significant Sig. Well done gentlemen!

Saturday, October 14 – Significant Sig Banquet for Inge Waddle

More details to follow in the coming weeks, but please mark your calendars for Saturday, October 14 for a banquet in Auburn to honor House Corporation President Inge Waddle on his receipt of the Sigma Chi Significant Sig Award.

Sigma Chi Fraternity Will Return to Auburn’s Campus in the Fall of 2017

Auburn Sigma Chi Fundraising Update

Happy New Year! I hope that 2017 will be your best year ever. I wanted to share a few bits of information as we head into the new year – the year of Sigma Chi’s return to Auburn’s campus!

  1. Our phase I fundraising effort to benefit the future chapter was successful in raising a total of $176,000 for the Sigma Chi Foundation at Auburn University, Inc. Our generous donor matched $72,500 out of a total raised of $103,500. Twenty-five generous brothers gave contributions ranging from $100 to $10,000, adding up to a grand total of $176,000. Thanks to all of you for your efforts in this regard. The Foundation currently has total assets of $376,322.70 in its Merrill Lynch investment account. These funds are separate and apart from the assets of our now debt-free House Corporation.
  2. The Mobile Alumni Chapter and Grand Praetor Ken Kvalheimare hosting a Significant Sig celebration Thursday, February 2,at the County Club of Mobile in honor of retired Sun Belt Commissioner Wright Waters. Grand Consul Mike Ursillo will be in Mobile for the event. Auburn alumni interested in learning more and helping with the re-chartering effort for Sigma Chi on Auburn’s campus are invited to join The Host Committee for the banquet, as well as Commissioner Waters and Grand Consul Ursillo, for a private cocktail hour before the banquet at 5:30 p.m. Bob Branch is going to help gather Auburn alumni in the Mobile area to attend, but I hope you can attend as well. I will send more details as I receive them from Ken.

Looking forward to a great 2017 for Auburn and Sigma Chi.


John A. Smyth III
Sigma Chi Foundation at Auburn University
T: 205.254.1029
C: 205.585.3817

Restoring Gamma Sigma to Auburn University

The restoration of Gamma Sigma to Auburn University is now in process. Ken Kvalheim, our Grand Praetor, will begin taking the necessary steps for colony administration and rush activities in late Spring or early Summer 2017. Colony operations on campus will begin in Fall 2017, with the earliest possible installation of the Chapter in Spring 2019. This time-line is, of course, subject to Chapter performance.

The Leadership of Gamma Sigma Chapter authorized a Two-Phase fund raising effort to assist in gathering funds necessary to put the Chapter House in first class condition for the ultimate return of the active chapter. During the First Phase, we will directly solicit Gamma Sigma Alumni who previously made major contributions to our Foundation as well as all current alumni who are members of the House Corporation and/or Foundation, Chapter Significant Sigs and Chapter Constantine Sigs. Some alumni members may fit into all of the aforementioned categories. Contributions in this phase will go directly to chapter renovations and start-up expenses.

Our hope is that those contacted in the First Phase will set the tone with generous contributions as an example for those to be contacted in the Second Phase. The Second Phase will begin in the Fall of 2017. We anticipate using a fee-based commercial fund raising firm for this phase. Therefore, we would like to raise the majority of our funds in the First Phase as we will not be paying a fee.

One Gamma Sigma Alumnus, who wishes to remain anonymous, is willing to make UP TO a total $100,000 matching contribution to the Sigma Chi Foundation at Auburn University, Inc. under the following terms and conditions: (1) Contributions of $5,000 to $9,999 will be matched at the rate of 50%; (2) Contributions of $10,000 and above will be matched at 100%; (3) All contributions, to be eligible for the match, must be deposited to the Foundation bank account before November 30, 2016; and (4) The matching contribution will be made to the Foundation before December 31, 2016.

Inge Waddle, President of the House Corporation, prepared informed estimates of $500,000 for house renovations and start-up expenses through August 2018. Additional costs and expenses of approximately $66,000 are estimated to be needed during the years 2020-2022. In an effort to explore all options, Inge is working with our architect to develop more ambitious plans for other efficient configurations of the Chapter House, which will be discussed at the House Corporation meeting in Birmingham on Saturday, October 15, 2016.

If you cannot make a contribution that would be eligible for the match, please give what you can now. Checks should be made payable to The Sigma Chi Foundation at Auburn University, Inc.

Please send checks to:

Maynard Cooper & Gale PC
c/o John Smyth
1901 6th Ave N #2400
Birmingham, AL 35203-2618

After receipt of a check, John will immediately deposit it to the Foundation’s bank account and then forward a Donor Letter to each donor with a copy to Bob Benz. The donor letter will satisfy the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service. All donations are deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.

Please consider being a part of this effort to restore our beloved Chapter. We are all grateful to you.

In Hoc,

Bob Benz ’60
President, Sigma Chi Foundation at Auburn University, Inc.

Inge Waddle ’66
President, Gamma Sigma House Corporation

January 26, 2016 Update:


We are proud to announce Gamma Sigma alum, Javier C. Goizueta ’81, has been awarded the honor of Significant Sig for the 2016 Class.

Javier was initiated in the winter of 1978 and received his degree with honors from Auburn in 1981. Since graduating from Auburn, Javier has had a long and illustrious international business career in Mexico, Brazil and the US, first with Procter and Gamble and most recently with The Coca Cola Company as Vice President and President of the global McDonalds division.

In addition to Javier’s work at Coca Cola, Javier is on the board of numerous educational, civic and charitable institutions in the Atlanta area and the US as well as being involved with Auburn developing scholarship programs.

Further information regarding a reception in Javier’s honor will be provided in the near future.

Congratulations to Javier and well done!



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